Hiking The Base of the Towers in Torres del Paine

Level: Difficult
Duration: Full Day

Hiking the Iconic Patagonia Trek

A legendary route among the hiking community and an eye-opening experience for avid walkers, this hike in Torres del Paine is one of the world’s great “bucket list” Patagonia trekking adventures.

The first part is a steep climb, loosely following the natural course of the Ascensio River to Paso de los Vientos, where vegetation is thin on the ground. As you get higher, the views evolve and the mountains come into sight.

After a stretch of fairly flat hiking on a steep mountainside, you arrive at the “Chileno” refuge. Crossing the river, there is shade and a change of pace on a trail through native forest.

Then the terrain changes again, opening out onto a steep rocky hillside, with huge chunks of stone making for challenging hiking.

The effort of this severe ascent is rewarded by the view of the iconic magnificence of the Towers (after which Torres del Paine is named) at the top. Take the time to appreciate both the isolation and grandeur of these mountains, a site which evokes its own sense of perspective.

This Patagonia trekking excursion is one of several Patagonia hikes which can be undertaken whilst staying at the eco-luxury Tierra Patagonia lodge.  Daily Torres del Paine Tours and excursions are included in our all-inclusive packages.

*Please note that although not technically advanced, this hiking trip in Torres del Paine does require a good level of physical fitness.
A Patagonia trekking must:Hiking in Torres del Paine - to the base of the three towers

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