The Spirit of The Far South

Tierra Patagonia

Emerging beside craggy mountains and the glistening Lake Sarmiento in Torres del Paine National Park, the Tierra Patagonia hotel weaves itself into the landscape with subtle style, blending into the magnificence of the region. Here in this untamed part of the world, the perfect spot for an adventure vacation, what you see at our Patagonia adventure spa hotel is emerald lakes, fantastic mountain ranges and abundant wildlife.

Did you know that Spring is the best time to visit Patagonia? Promotions

Did you know that Spring is the best time to visit Patagonia?

Discover Patagonia at its prime! It's springtime in Chile during October, November and early December, which means the region is in full bloom.

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Rooms with a view

Discover our beautiful and warm accommodations at Tierra Patagonia, an adventure and spa hotel with sweeping views of Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia.

Rooms at Tierra Patagonia
Hunter’s Trail Hike: Exploring Patagonia’s Indigenous History Learn about our excursions

Hunter's Trail Hike: Exploring Patagonia's Indigenous History

Witness remnants of the indigenous Aonikenk culture, part of the regional heritage of Patagonia on this trek. The Aonikenk were hunter-gatherer nomads who used the rocks as a canvas to convey messages to one another, which we can still see to this day in the form of cave paintings displayed on rocky outcrops.

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Tierra Patagonia Experience

The Paine Massif’s silhouette serves as a backdrop for Uma Spa at Tierra Patagonia. Indulge in our outdoor hot tub or switch between the steam room and indoor pool. Encased in tall glass walls, you’ll feel effortlessly connected to Patagonia all the while enjoying our wellness facilities.

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